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Eat this daily for skin without wrinkles - I am a dermatologist trained at Harvard.

According to a dermatologist, consuming almonds daily may seem unusual, but it can help maintain smooth and wrinkle-free skin. Dr. Neera, a skin cancer surgeon, advises her patients to eat three handfuls of almonds a day as a natural approach to reducing wrinkles. She emphasized the importance of also using daily sunscreen, incorporating antioxidant serums like Vitamin C, and adding retinoids into one’s skincare routine for optimal results. For more details, refer to Dr. Neera’s TikTok video under the handle @dermatologysurgeon.

The doctor also mentioned a study that supports her statement, citing a 24-week clinical study published in MDPI Journals in 2021. This study, conducted by the University of California, Davis, revealed that postmenopausal women who consumed approximately 400 calories of almonds per day experienced a notable reduction in facial wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Specifically, the participants saw their wrinkle severity decrease by 16% and hyperpigmentation decrease by 20% after six months. Additionally, the women who consumed almonds showed increased skin hydration in their cheeks and forehead by the end of the study.

Alright, I’m headed out to pick up some almonds now!” one person exclaimed.

“I’m constantly munching on almonds; it’s my favorite snack,” a second added.

“I can’t consume any nuts. Do you have an alternative?” one person asked.

Neera responded: “Omega 3 supplements might offer similar benefits

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